This is my Pastor, Timothy Fortune.  We did a short video about how awesome our God is.  This was shot at the North Carolina School for the Deaf here in Morganton, NC.  Pastor Timothy is a great man of God.  He has a great heart for ministry and seeing people's lives changed.  He always has a great smile and laughter that is contagious.  I'm glad I have people in my life like him.


 Fun video we shot at The Deaf School here in Morganton, N.C.  We always go sleding there when it snows.  Great shot of my son Benjamin coming straight at me.  I had to jump over his float with the camera.  He almost took me out.  Pastor Timothy and his wife, Michelle always like to kick it up.  Also, my oldest son, Josh, Lindsey (Pastor Holly's daughter),and Samantha was there enjoying the Fun.  We were trying to make it to the Hay Bale over the ridge.  Too Funny hearing Michelle say "Hay Bale"


 Here is a video we made in Charleston, S.C.  I was playing at a Racquetball Tournament there.  My good friend, Chris Cassels recorded this off a Flip Video in the car.  The sound is not the greatest, but we got a great shot going over the New Cooper River Bridge.  Awesome Sun eclipse effect in the middle of the song, "All I Ever Wanted" Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks once again for watching my videos.  I hope you get a little glimpse of who I am and what I am all about.  God, Family, and Friends.  Join me at the link below for Income For Life.